Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Few Ways For Women And Men To Lose Fat

Losing Weight Continues To Be A Challenge For Men And Women. 

Losing fat to lose weight is one of the main targets of men and women in pursuit of total health of well-being and aside from working out in the gym, nutrition plays a vital role as well.

Food is undeniably one of man's needs to survive; however, the amount of one's food and the plate size, should be considered when it comes to weight loss. Cornell University academic Dr. Brian Wansink conducted an experimental study about plate size and weight loss.

The study findings suggested that decreasing plate size from 12 inches to ten inches results in 22 percent fewer calories being served because the smaller plate made a normal serving more filling. Moreover, using a 10-inch plate for a year would result to a weight loss of 18 pounds for the average adult, according to the study.

  Food portion control is the main factor for most individuals, our brains don't get the signal were full for another 30 mins after eating. So we continue to eat even though were really not hungry anymore. With portion control we can train our bodies to know when enough is enough.

For pregnant women, eating for two is considered as a myth, according to Dame Sally. Sally suggested that eating more than enough during pregnancy could affect the conditions inside the mother's womb, which could result to life-long effects to the child's health, such as diabetes type 2 or obesity.

Another way to lose fat effectively is learning how to cook. National Obesity Forum spokesperson Tam Fry told BBC that learning how to cook fresh food was really the number one thing to consider when tackling obesity and improving weight loss. Fry added that one had to have access to a kitchen and a certain amount of time, which was not possible. But still, one should try if she could cook her own food.

Furthermore With a balanced game plan of proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep and rest, positive frame of mind, and right attitude, one will be able to achieve his or her desired body figure and state of health.

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