Saturday, September 3, 2016

Can A Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Can A Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Well lets look at a couple things real quick if you have been following my blog then you know
exercise and caloric intake can you help you greatly, with out drastically changing your lifestyle.
But for some of those you want to make a change to a vegan diet for personal reasons here are some
tips to send you in the right direction. Personally I have viewed the vegan diet very challenging due
to work and social activity's. With that being said it was difficult for me to stop everything I was eating to get on the this path.

I personally have been pretty active for years and just wasn't were i wanted to be at so one day i looked into a vegan diet based on plant proteins and carbs. What i found was that replacing low nutrient high caloric foods with more nutrient dense low calorie foods, was getting results. Now there is a lot of prepping to ready yourself to go into this lifestyle but it does have its benefits. With high fiber and nutrient rich foods you can eat till your full without the crazy calories you were getting before. Now the first thing to always remember those so called faux chicken nuggets have a lot of calories and sodium just like the real animal protein. If your interested in more leave me a comment and check back to my blog for more tips for eating on a vegan plant based diet.

Side note I am not %100 vegan but I have multiple friends who are and train with and I gotta say they look great. Also i found this video of a vegan who eats one meal a day crazy right check it out below. Have a great day and keep on the exciting journey!

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